Food Tent in Danger for Canada

Thank you to those that have signed up to help with the food tent. Many of you have taken multiple shifts and we appreciate it.

A lot of work from the athletes, the coaches, the travel coordinate, the food committee and the board has gone into prepping for this regatta. It’s the last regatta of the season and we are hoping it will be a successful one.

Unfortunately, so far we have had no one willing to step up to run the food tent and it is very important to have somebody in charge of it to make sure everything is running smoothly. Most of the meals are being prepped today and there is a menu for each meal this weekend. We are not asking for one person to be in charge of the food tent; it can be a group of people. If no one is willing to step up and run this last one, we are honestly not sure if it will be an effective food tent for our athletes and coaches, who depend on us to fuel them for all of the hard work they are putting in. That is not fair to them.

Also, with that being said, there are a lot of empty shifts left on the sign up genius. Currently with no one in charge and many slots having no volunteers, a food tent will not be able to happen. The food has been bought and prepped, but we do not have the hands needed to execute it on site. We don’t want to have to do it this way, but if slots aren’t filled by this afternoon, we will either need to start plugging in names (we do not know what parents are going and what parents are not so it will be up to you to let us know) or not have a food tent. Either one of these is obviously not a great choice.

We are hoping that with this e-mail we will get enough volunteers to at least man the tent. If not, the board will need to make a decision by this afternoon as to what is going to happen for this regatta. We are hopeful that we won’t need to come to that point.

Thanks again for all that everyone does and for all of the hard work this season.

Matt Lausin