Parent Booster Meeting this Tuesday April 10, 2018 @ 7:00 pm at the RFC.....Second payment due April 13, 2018.....Scrimmage in Ann Arbor on April 21, 2018....GR Regatta on April 28, 2018

59 Minute Coupon Book

 The 59-minute fundraiser is the most profitable (for you/your rower) fundraiser we run; ½ of each coupon book your rower sells comes back to you!

  • $25 book earns $12.50- Sell 10 coupon books earn $125 to offset Spring Dues!
  • Simply bring a charged cell phone along with the attached supporters list complete with 30 names and numbers.
  • Then on the day of the event, contact those supporters by asking them to support you/your rower by purchasing a coupon book.
  • This program also offers some FREE tuition dollars as well. Kinda cool, details on that are attached as well.

What you need to know:

  • Coupon Books are available even in areas outside Grand Rapids and other states.
  • Check online: Great American Opportunities  ID# 4838256
  • Coupon books have both local company offers and national offers.
  • The book will pay for itself quickly due to the great offers!