Story Sub Sale due March 1, 2018......Swim Test for ALL new rowers Tuesday March 20,2018......Mandatory Practice (official start of season) is Monday March 12, 2018.....Rockford Rowing Annual Garage Sale/Erg a thon is Saturday, March 17,2018......2018 Spring Clothing orders due to Pegasus by Friday March 23, 2018.......Score Night is Tuesday March 27, 2018

Board Members and Coordinators

Board of Directors Positions

President-Matt Lausin

• Serves as the parent booster leader and liaison with parents, coaches, rowers and the Rockford Athletic Department

• Supports the other officers of the booster board and committee coordinators

• Sets agenda for the board meetings by identifying issues for consideration

• Conducts the board meetings to ensure there is a forum to hear all points of view on key topics and policies

• Works with coaching staff to identify equipment needs,  repair and maintenance

•Address rower and parent issues

•Assist Treasurer with budgets and expense authorizations

Vice President-Renee Chwalek

• Shall perform the duties and exercise the authority of the president in the absence or disability of the president

• Assist the president and/or assist with special projects as neede

• May be assign other duties and authorities as the members or the president may delegate to the secretary from time to time.

Treasurer-Kathy Sims

-Serves as the chief financial officer for the Rockford Parent Booster and has the duty and authority to manage the finances of the Rockford Parent Booster in accordance with the directives of the members

-Shall keep books and records of all financial transactions of the Rockford Parent Booster

-Prepares periodic financial statements as requested by the members and shall present a complete financial report at each annual meeting of the Rockford Parent Booster

-Will also have such other duties and authority as the members or the president may delegate to the treasure from time to time

-Prepares a long-term assets allocation spreadsheet for board review each season

-Prepares quarterly taxes and year end books and tax forms for the fiscal year end by 6/30

-May be assign other duties and authorities as the members or the president may delegate to the secretary from time to time.

Secretary-Lisa Loucks

-Keeps the minutes of the proceedings at all meetings of the Rockford Parent Booster and records of all other significant actions taken by the members for review at the next meeting

-Keeps a register of the names, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers of the members, and shall give notice of all meetings of the members.

-Manages Rockford Parent Booster correspondence.

-May be assign other duties and authorities as the members or the president may delegate to the secretary from time to time.

Coordinator Committees

Travel Coordinator-Jaime Lausin

• Arranges bus transportation for out of town regattas

• Arranges hotel or other overnight accommodations for out of town regattas

Food Coordinators- Carmen Durham and Jeanne Crall

• Plans healthy food menu for the athlete’s for all regattas

• Purchases (or coordinates volunteers to purchase) food for all regattas

• Coordinates storage of food and transportation of food to regatta sites. Works with parent volunteers to prepare food and beverages at regatta sites.

• Supervise/manage food tent or coordinates volunteers to help with food tent

• Maintains the necessary organization to stay within the allocated budget for each regatta

• Create and monitor Sign up Genius for each regatta

Booster Club Liaison- Bridget Lassig and Doreen Smith

• Liaison between Rockford Parent Booster and the RHS Sport Booster Club.

• Attends RHS Sport Booster Meeting as a representative for Rockford Rowing Booster on the 3rd Monday of the month and reports back to Rockford Rowing Booster at the next meeting (the second Tuesday of the month).

Fundraiser Coordinator-Laura Turley

• Organize, plan and coordinate fundraisers for rowers to use towards dues while communicating with the board members

Perishable Shopper-Carmen Durham and Chris Perini

• Purchase of grocery list provided by food coordinators by staying within budget for each regatta

Media Representative-Lois Lehman

• Responsible for writing news articles after each regatta with team events and results by submitting to MLive site and Rockford Squire

Maintenance Coordinators-Ethan Ray and Pat Chwalek

• Coordinates and communicates with coaches and board members on maintenance for launches, boathouse, food trailer and boat trailer as needed.

Sponsorship Committee- Diann Johandes/Bridget Lassig

• Solicit business for donations to assist with expenses of operating and maintaining the boathouse and equipment.

Banquet Coordinator- Chris Ann Lilly

• Coordinates and plans end of year banquet while staying in budget provided by the Rockford Board by communicating with the Rockford Board members

Script Coordinator-Jaime Lausin 

• Helps set up Script accounts, orders physical cards, acts as liaison between parent and Script.