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Boathouse Rules

The Rockford Crew Boosters (“RCB”), under the auspices of Rockford Public Schools, manages the Jupiter Avenue Boathouse.  The boathouse facility was built to make the sport of rowing accessible and enjoyable for students and adults in the North Kent area.  To assure that the facility is used in a safe and equitable manner, the following rules have been established and must be adhered to by students, coaches, and all others using the facility.  Failure to adhere to the following rules will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the rowing teams or loss of boathouse privileges.

  1.  Student rowers are permitted on boathouse grounds only during official practice or supervised rowing times.  Students may not enter the boathouse or use equipment without the supervision of a coach.
  2. Vehicles must be parked in designated areas.  Do not park on Konkle Drive.  Do not access the boathouse property by walking across Jupiter Avenue from Konkle Drive.  Go under the bridge.  The access is off of West River Drive across from the Ambulance garage.
  3. Adults wishing to row unsupervised must demonstrate their competence to an RCB coach.  Adults using their own private boats and oars must also be cleared by a RCB official to use that equipment.
  4. Coxswains and scullers must sign in and out in the logbook and report any injuries, any equipment failures and damage, or unusual river condition observations.
  5. Report any injuries, property damage or other concerns to a coach immediately.
  6. Equipment must be handled appropriately and safely at all times.  All equipment must be returned to its proper place and appropriately cleaned at the end of practice.  Fours and eights are to land at the docks only under the supervision of a coach, designated adult, or designated varsity rower.
  7. Off-water conditioning (running) is restricted to designated routes.  Students are to run only with a coach’s permission and knowledge.  Runners must be with a group at all times.  No single runners.
  8. School conduct rules (including appropriate dress) apply at all times. No swearing, no PDA (Public display of affection), no inappropriate behavior or horse-play.  No harassment or disrespectful attitude towards other students, other rowers, coaches or adults will be tolerated.
  9. Respectful behavior towards all boathouse equipment and vehicles parked on the property, or the vicinity thereof, is expected.  Personal belongings brought on site must be neatly stowed in designated areas.  Users of the boathouse are expected to help keep the boathouse clean and orderly.
  10. The use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol on boathouse property or in vehicles parked in the vicinity is prohibited.

Shells:   There are currently 10 eights, 9 fours, 6 doubles, and several singles owned by the team; along with the associated rigging and oars.

Launches / Motors:   Presently, the team owns 6 launches with outboard motors.

Trailer:  There is one large trailer for transporting shells, oars, and associated equipment to the various regattas.  An additional trailer transports tents and food.

Ergometers:  The Crew owns 40 ergometer rowing machines (“ergs”) for use during practices for the Conditioning Program and the Spring Crew Season.