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Rowing on the Grand River – This is your year!

Summer Session is happening NOW!

It’s not too late to sign up for any or all of our summer sessions.  Brand new to crew or any level of experience?  We have a session for you! There are three levels of Camps:

Learn to RowLearn to Skull – Advanced Rowing

Sessions are June 12-June 30, July 10-July 28, and July 31-August 18.  Athletes will have the opportunity to participate in the Capital City Sprints in Lansing Michigan on Saturday, August 20th.

Students here are your options:

Learn to Row Summer CampIncoming 6th-12th grade students

Learn to Skull (two oars) Summer CampIncoming 6th -12th grade students

Advanced Rowing Crew Summer Camp  – Open to 9th-12th grade students

Open Rowing (really advanced rowers)Open to 9th-12th grade students

Adults, you have options too:

Adult Learn to RowOpen to Everyone

Adult Recreational Row Open to Everyone


Boathouse Workday

Dear Parents and Athletes,

As a successful fall season comes to a close, we have one more day of work to do in order to close down the boathouse. We will be having a boathouse workday on Saturday, November 5, from 10-1. We have several projects that we would like to accomplish this weekend. Following the project are the items needed to accomplish these tasks:

  1. Taking the dock out – waders (if you can’t make it and have waders that we could borrow, that would be extremely helpful), pliers, hammers
  2. Start to tape and mud the drywall upstairs in the erg room (would like somebody with experience to lead this project) – utility knives, taping knives
  3. Start building a barge – drills, saws
  4. Possibly finish the oar tree – drills

If you can make it, please reply back with a response if you have a project that you would like to participate in.

Thanks in advance,

Rockford Rowing

After School Conditioning-High School

Dear Parents and Athletes,

Registration for after school conditioning is now live. Please refer to to register.

​This is not mandatory, but is offered to those that would like some extra conditioning. More details can be found on the sign up page on Rockford Community Ed’s site. (Link below)

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Leelanau Chase Info and Sign Up Genius Help-High and Middle School

Sunday, October 30th is the date of the Leelanau Chase, our last fall regatta. Information regarding it can be found at this link on Regatta Central.

For some of you, this is your first regatta. Our website has a great list of what both parents and athletes should bring to regattas. That link is here:

​Also, good to refer back to would be an e-mail that went out in September giving Regatta Tips and Helpful Information. That can be found here on our website (parent information—recent e-mails to parents):

****Coach Itter would like all athletes to report to the regatta at 6:00 a.m. Those of you that are spending the night Saturday, you are asked to report to Fountain Point resort at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday to help unload the boats. This saves athletes from having to get there even earlier on Sunday morning! We will be setting up the tent at that time as well. Important: For whatever reason, we are not able to send out mass e-mails via our cell phones. If for some reason, unloading time has to change on Saturday (boat trailer runs into problems, is late, etc….) it will be posted on our facebook page. That is where we will post any updates for this regatta. Hopefully this will not be an issue, but we want to be sure we have a central communication spot. So, if you have not "liked" our facebook page yet, please be sure to do so and please check it a couple of times on Saturday. ****

​Last, but not least, we need some help with the food tent. Please see the sign up genius below to sign up for a slot to help out in.

Thanks and GO RAMS!!

Rockford Rowing

**If you no longer wish to receive these emails, please reply with "Remove" in the subject line.


Athletes and Parents,

Your US rowing waiver must be completed by tonight, Sunday, October 23rd in order to race next weekend at the Leelanau Chase. Please complete ASAP. Refer back to the e-mail sent on 10/21/16 for directions on completing. This can also be found on our website, under the Parent Information Tab. It is under recent e-mails to parents.


Waiver for Leelanau Chase–High School and Middle School

Parents and ​Athletes

A US Rowing waiver

​ is​
needed for Leelau
. It is a one time waiver for 2016 so if you already signed this waiver in the spring​ or if you completed it for Frogtown, ​
you do not need to do so now. It is still current. If you want to double check on this, just click on the red "members" button under individuals, log in, and it will show you whether you are current or not.​ Middle School Rowers that are competing at Leelanau, you need to do this. ​

If you are new to rowing, you need to become a member before signing the waiver. Click on the "join" button under individuals and follow the instructions. Our club code is ECLZC.

If you want to verify if you have a current waiver and do not know your usrowing ID or password, please use the link below to look them up.

This will require a date of birth, and your last name, usually (or your usrowing number if you know it). Please select your account, and proceed.

For those that are signing the waiver, once complete, they may ask you to take a small quiz, no need to message us, these are questions to judge knowledge, and it does not hinder the sign up in any way. It is just a survey of knowledge.

​ Also, you do not need to watch the video–that is those that plan on competing for the National Team. ​

You should select the FREE ($5.75 new charge) waiver signing, you do not need to get the full membership package. There is a small fee, which is new this year, it is $5.75, which will have to be paid prior to them actually allowing submitting the waiver.

If you HAVE done this before, and can NOT find your account via the look-up method, please ask a coach! They can look up your ID number for you. Please do NOT create a new account if you have one already! It makes it more difficult for coaches when trying to find the current account in their roster. (All accounts are listed).

Again, if you rowed this spring in the regattas

​ or at Frogtown​
, you will have already done this and you are all set!

Clothing Orders Due Tomorrow and Minutes from Tuesday’s Booster Meeting-All Rowers

Just a reminder that clothing orders are due tomorrow. All orders will be finalized at the end of the day on Friday and all payments and orders must be in. If you need to make special arrangements or need help, please contact Bridget Lassig at bridget.lassig or at 550-8545

Thanks to all that came to the Booster Meeting; we realize a lot was going on this week with conferences and concerts. Attached are the minutes for those that were not able to attend.

Thank you!

Lisa Loucks
Secretary, Rockford Crew Booster Board