Saturday’s Regatta

Dear Parents and Athletes,

First we want to start by saying a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the parents that helped at Midwest. So many helped in so many ways and it played a big part in the success of the weekend. It is appreciated!

We are coming into the home stretch and it’s been a wonderful season so far. This weekend is the Scholastic Rowing Association of Michigan Championship Regatta. Information on the regatta can be found on regatta central. It is held back at Riverside Park.

Athletes need to be at the Freshman Center at 6:45 a.m. and the bus will leave at 7:00 a.m. (This time is slightly later than what was originally stated). Remember, this is a drop only event and athletes will need to be transported by parents after the regatta.

Below is a link to the sign up genius for Saturday. Thank you to the parents that are volunteering to help with the parking for the event. I know the coordinators are very appreciative.

​Last, but not least…..GO RAMS!!! ​

Rockford Rowing

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List of Athletes Going to Canada

Dear Parents and Athletes,

As the Coaches have stated, "CSSRA is an extremely competitive international race. It offers different categories than the U.S. races, such as flyweight and lightweight rather than just lightweight, and also junior and senior rather than freshman, jv, and varsity. The coaches first goal is to fill as many competitive boats as we possibly can, recognizing that the categories are different, so even though a boat might’ve been competitive in the U.S. it is possible that it would not be as competitive as a different boat in CSSRA. Any Athlete, rather it is novice, jv, or varsity is able to go depending on what we see on the water, and what we think will have the best chance to show how fast our team is. Our goal with that in mind is to take as many kids as we possibly can without making the cost outrageous, so that means we can only get one bus which limits the number of kids we can take."

Because our Men’s Team is relatively smaller, any male rower/coxswain who has stated he would like to go will be able to attend.

Attached to this e-mail is a list of those rowers/coxswains that the coaches have selected to represent the Women’s Team.

If you are a part of this group and anything has changed for you, please notify the coaches ASAP.

Thank You,

Rockford Rowing

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Girls Canada.docx

Help Needed ASAP

SRAM is asking that all local teams provide 5 parent volunteers to help with States this Saturday.

They are asking that we help with directing parking from 6:30 a.m. until about 10:00 a.m.

We need four more volunteers. We would also welcome any alumni or adult rowers if interested in helping out at this regatta.

​Thank You!​

Rockford Rowing

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SRAM regatta Waiver and parent volunteers needed.

​1. Please sign the waiver for this weekend’s regatta using the link ​below, this needs to be completed on computer and not a mobile device. (Doesn’t work on phones. ) To search for team type Rockford Crew and follow the prompts.

2. SRAM is asking all local teams to help with states in some capacity this weekend. They are requesting Rockford Rowing to provide 5 parent volunteers to assist with parking on Saturday May 20th, 2017 from 6:30 am to about 10 am. We are hoping to get these names to them ASAP so they can finalize the details. If you are able to volunteer please email us. We will forward your email address to the Volunteer Coordinator to contact you with details. All local teams are working together for a successful regatta.

Thank you for your help.

Boat Line Ups Midwest

Below are the boat line ups for this weekend. If you don’t have the regatta central app, it’s a good one to have to keep up to date with heat sheets and results.


​Guy’s (bottom left, click on Midwest) :

​Thank you to all who signed up to help this weekend! It is appreciated! Good luck to all of our boats this weekend! GO RAMS!!

Rockford Rowing

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Athletes Menu for Midwest/Minutes with Regatta and Canada Information

Dear Parents and Athletes,

Below is a copy of the menu for the weekend. Also attached to this e-mail are the minutes from the meeting last night. They contain new information regarding fundraising for Canada, a coaches report, and info for future regattas.


Morning snack on bus – clementine, granola bar and carrot or snap peas

Sack lunch on bus – Turkey or Ham and cheese sandwich, pretzels and apple

Dinner at hotel/on site – Chicken pasta salad, green salad, rolls and watermelon


Breakfast on site – Breakfast burritos (eggs, cheese and peppers and onion) Oatmeal, yogurt and bagels. With all the usual toppings. Walnuts, brown sugar, raisins, granola, honey, fruit and peanut butter

Lunch on site – Chicken quesadillas, stir fried quinoa, watermelon, carrots and hummus

Dinner on site – Pasta with a marinara sauce (choice of plain sauce or meat sauce), green salad and roll


Breakfast on site – French toast, Oatmeal etc (same as Saturday)

Lunch on site – Steak fajitas with peppers and onion, rice, black beans and super quinoa

Sack dinner on bus – Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, goldfish, granola bar and apple

Rockford Rowing

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Minutes May2017.pdf

Midwest Information

Dear Parents and Athletes,

The Midwest Scholastic Championship Regatta will be taking place this weekend. This is one of the highlights of the season! It is a two day regatta, taking place Saturday and Sunday. Saturday consists of qualifying heats and Sunday will be the finals. The event is at Dillon Lake State Park and the address is 5265 Dillon Hills Drive Nashport, Ohio 43830. Information regarding events and heats can be found on

The venue for this regatta is very nice with good viewing, but is quite a distance from any town. It is recommended that you pack food for your family as the food tent is reserved for athletes.

Currently, showers are in the forecast for Friday. In years past, rain has caused this venue to become VERY MUDDY, therefore mud boots and rain gear (we know how the forecast can change!) are highly recommended for athletes and families!

Athletes: You must be at the Freshman center by 6:45 a.m on Friday. The bus/van leaves at 7:00 a.m. All students have already been excused from classes–there is no need to call. Along with the bus, Coach Tucker will be driving a 15 passenger van.

Athletes will return late Sunday night and for those who will need to be picked up from the Freshman Center, coaches will have kids text when they are 30 minutes away from school.

​A sign up genius link for the weekend is below–parents, PLEASE sign up for shifts this weekend as there is A LOT of help that is needed in order to make this event go as smoothly as possible for our athletes.

New to this sign up genius, (because regatta times can change so much, which can shift the tent times) we are asking that you include your cell phone number with your sign up. This way a committee member can reach you if the times shift by a lot. Your number can only be seen by the administrators of the sign up genius site-it won’t be seen by the general public.

If you are not attending this regatta but would like to donate food, Jeannie’s contact info is on the sign up genius and food can be dropped off at her house Thursday night.

Team Banquet: If you have not done so, mark your calendars for the team banquet Tuesday, May 30th at 7:00 p.m.

Looking Ahead: Coaches are working on Canada details and they will be sent out early next week. You will know by then as well if your athlete will be attending this regatta. Parents, in order to cross the border, you will need either a passport or enhanced drivers license. If you are planning on attending with your athlete and do not have either of those, you will need to obtain ASAP ​

​Thanks and good luck to all of our athletes this weekend! Go Rams!!​

Rockford Rowing

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Food Tent Help Needed

Thanks so much to all of those that signed up to help with the food tent! We still have a lot of shifts that need to be covered in order to successfully fuel our coxswains and rowers.

If you are a new parent, that’s OK–you don’t need to know what to do. You will get taken under someone’s wing and it’s a great way to get to know other parents and athletes!

As always, when your athlete races, you are able to leave the food tent to watch his/her race. Please take a peak at the sign up genius and see where you can help out.

Thanks in advance!

***Our next Booster Meeting is Tuesday, May 9th from 7:00-8:00 p.m. For those interested in attending, we are in room 151 of the Freshman Center. ***

Rockford Rowing

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