Food Tent Information

For those of you who are new to crew and aren’t sure what the deal is with the food tent, we put together a list that we thought might help!

1. Parents/family members/friends are welcome to eat at the food tent. The food is great!

2. Please put a donation in the donation box (it is orange and says Rockford Rams). Food the rowers eat is covered by their dues, but parents/family members/friends are asked to give a donation.
3. Please as a courtesy let the rowers eat first. Sometimes there are certain times they are not allowed to eat before they race and are starving after a race.

4. Plan on volunteering in the food tent. We need help with set up, serving, cleaning up and tear down. Just ask what you can do to help! Plus it’s fun and you get to know the rowers and other parents! If you are ever working the food tent and your rower is on the water, you are always welcome to leave the food tent to go cheer on your rower.

5. Help clean up and pack up when the regatta is over.