Crew Team Practice Routine

Rowers are responsible for knowing what boat they are in and the launching order.

  • Students need to check for announcements, handouts, deadlines, etc. at the end of practice. Team meetings usually occur after practice finishes.  Coaches will dismiss team.

What to do when you arrive at the boathouse:

  • Get launches to water. Check to make sure each launch has gas can, oar, PFD’s, safety pole, and anchor.
  • Carry sweep oars to the dock area.
  • Fill your own water bottle and get dressed for rowing or running. BE PREPARED!
  • Meet with coaches to review the daily practice plan u Complete warm-up routine – several laps around parking lot or body circuits and stretching.

Coxswains are responsible for:

  • Checking boat assignments and making sure their crew is present. u Knowing the practice routine for the day, getting tools, and performing equipment checks. u Organizing boat members for warm-ups, running, and launching sequence.
  • Launching boats on time, following practice plan, returning to the docks on time, cleaning the boats after practice, and reporting any equipment problems in writing to the coaches.

Upon launching, coxswain will begin the practice routine and must keep her/his boat within site of the boathouse until the coach in a safety launch arrives.  Coxswains under the direction of the same coach should keep their boats close together.  The ratio will generally be two shells per launch, but it will be more at times.  While waiting for your coach, use the time to do stationary drills.


In general, on water practice will consist of the following:

  • Warm up with Swing Picks by 4’s, 6’s, or 8’s. Wait for your coach at the 1,000-meter mark.
  • Drills (as on plan) to be done by 2’s, 4’s, 6’s (or 8’s for varsity only) in sets of 10 – 20. u Steady state rowing – may include a set of power pieces or steady piece at a given power %. u Coxswains must determine if each drill accomplishes what it was meant to. u At conclusion of practice, make sure a Coach is present on the dock before landing. u Place your boat in slings for cleaning prior to racking in the boathouse. u Store all oars and help trailer the safety launches as necessary. u If you did not run earlier, now is your chance.