Welcome to the Rockford Rowing Website.

Regatta Info

  • Rowers/coxswains will be required to arrive at the race location at a specific time set by the coach.  It is important to be punctual.  The team will not row if members are not there on time.
  • Rowers/coxswains are expected to exhibit the highest standard of sportsmanship and support for the team at competitions.
  • Regatta participants are responsible for “rigging” the boats at the regatta and also for de-rigging the boats after the event and helping return them to the boathouse.   
  • It is also important for parents to help support the crew on Regatta days with various assignments such as transportation, tent set-up, food prep and service, etc.
  • Rowers/Coxswains will be dismissed by the coaches only AFTER the EQUIPMENT is taken care of.

Required Clothing for Regattas:

  • Rockford Rowing T-shirts.  Each rower will be issued one team shirt and one “regatta finals” shirt.  Additional shirts may be purchased from the team.  Weather depending, black turtlenecks may be worn under the shirt. Tank tops may also be purchased for warmer races but each rower in a boat must be matching.
  • Black lycra/spandex biking shorts or other snug fitting shorts or tights will be worn during racing. Absolutely NO soccer or other loose styles may be worn
  • Open toe pool sandals or slip on clogs work best and should be worn when launching boats.  Running shoes will also be needed on race days for pre-race warm ups.
  • RHS Rowing jacket is optional but strongly encouraged.
  • All rowers members must be in uniform on race days.  
  • Extra socks are vital for practice and race days

Equipment Rules:

  • Rowing equipment is very expensive and must be handled with care.  Boats and oars are very long – be cautious of your surroundings when moving them.  Follow all directions regarding the handling of equipment.
  • Horseplay is not permitted.
  • All rower members must participate in routine cleaning and maintenance of equipment.  Please report any equipment problems to your coach so problems can be taken care of BEFORE regatta day.

What a smart rower packs in their workout bag:

  • Snacks for after school or after practice and a water bottle – your own please, put your name on it with permanent marker.  There is no water provided at the boathouse.
  • Sweatshirt, turtleneck, vest, and long sleeve T-shirts  Quick dry clothing like under-armor work best.  Springtime on the water is cold!
  • Rowing jacket or windbreaker.  (Waterproof or water-resistant shells work better than large bulky jackets)
  • Sweatpants, tights, and/or shorts.
  • Socks, socks, socks and more socks.
  • Running shoes – something decent enough to handle 2 miles.
  • Open-toed pool type sandals for wearing on the dock, crocs work well.
  • 2 towels – one to dry with and one to wrap around your feet on cool days.
  • Hat and/or earband and gloves.  (Critical as most heat is lost through your head!)
  • A change of dry clothes
  • Your own medication – if you use an inhaler, label it and take it with you in the boat.
  • COXSWAINS – watches (anything that works is fine!)

Other Recommended Items:

  • Dry-fit or moisture-wicking inner layer (i.e. polypropylene, cool max)
  • Sunglasses
  • Close-fitting spandex/lycra shorts
  • Cotton, dry-fit, or cool max T-shirt
  • Sunscreen (protect your face and body from painful burns) Hat when not on water