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Scrip Program


SCRIP – Rowing Dues Reduction Program

Make your money do DOUBLE DUTY!  You can use the same money you spend on GROCERIES, GAS, CLOTHING, and other SHOPPING to help pay a portion of your dues…. and … it benefits Rockford Rowing.  You can do all of this without spending an extra dime!! HOW?? ORDER SCRIP!!

What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is gift card and gift certificates issued by local and national retail stores and restaurants, many places that you probably already shop.  These are used just like cash

How it Works

When you buy SCRIP certificates you pay face value on the certificate/gift card.  However, Rockford Rowing get them at a discount from our SCRIP vendor.  One percent (1%) of your order goes to Rockford Rowing, and the rest of the rebate will be credited to your dues.  You get to spend the whole amount at the retailer, PLUS get some money knocked off your dues at no additional cost to you!!

SCRIP orders are placed regularly throughout the year, even during the summer months.  Orders placed on SCRIP day (Wednesday by noon) will then be available mid too late of the following week.  Some of the retailers offer reloads options on your scrip card (cards previously purchased through SCRIP) and others offer SCRIP now.  This option allows you to print off the coupon in the comfort of your home.

What to you need to do?

o Using our enrollment code;   B8A644EC39129

  • Create your account and set up your Presto Pay account
  • Email your Presto Pay approval code to jlausin@me.com
  • This will allow me to activate the account and let your shopping begin J
  • For added dues reduction, invite family and friends to register and sign up under your rowers name
  • At the website you can get a complete list of available retailers.  Also you can select to receive emails of upcoming specials of bonus rebates.  If you have any question contact the Rockford Rowing SCRIP email jlausin@me.comThank you and Happy Shopping