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How to Reduce Spring Season Dues

Dues for the 2019 Spring Season are TBD. Additionally, Pay-to-Play fees of $120 are due to Rockford Public Schools. Dues can be reduced significantly by your student’s involvement in fundraising.

One of the most important aspects of the success of the Rockford Rowing program involves volunteer support from parents, rowers, friends, and the community. Rockford High School Rowing has enjoyed tremendous support from all these participants in the past and must have willing, energetic support in the future to sustain a viable program. In addition to volunteer commitment, it is important for rowing families to be committed to help raise the funds needed to operate the team. All rowing families must participate in both fundraising and service efforts throughout the year. By doing so, we establish a bond and share unique experiences which is an uncommon occurrence between teens and parents today.


Scrip is a year-round fundraiser. Click HERE for more information or check out Scrips website HERE.

For more information contact Kathy –  ksims04@yahoo.com

Rockford Crew enrollment code: B8A644EC39129

*This fundraiser goes directly to the rower, with a small percentage going back to the team.


When making your purchases from Amazon, click on the Amazon link/information on the main page of our website (lower right corner) and then do your shopping. The team will earn a small percentage of money from your purchases.


*This fundraiser goes directly to the team.


The rowers have an opportunity during Spring Season to receive pledges that go directly toward the cost of the rower’s dues. Some rowers have completely paid for their rowing dues with these pledges. Each of the rowers will have an individual goal of approximately 20,000 meters on an erg.

Click HERE for more information on the 1st Annual 2014 Erg-A-Thon.

*This fundraiser goes directly to the rower.


There are other fundraisers throughout the year where both the team and rower can raise funds, such as pop can drives, garage sale, selling programs at the football games, assisting with parking for events at Rockford and more.

Volunteers are always needed for fundraising opportunities. Ideas for additional fundraisers are also appreciated. Email the Board at rockfordrowing@gmail.com.