Welcome to the Rockford Rowing Website.

Team Expectations

Athletes are expected to:

  • Treat all teammates, opponents, coaches, officials and RHS members with respect
  • Participate fully in all aspects of training and competition
  • Be supportive of the team and of yourself by accepting coaching decisions
  • Seek feedback.  If a rower doesn’t know where they stand, ask
  • Realize that team goals come before the needs or desires of any individual
  • Enjoy being a member of a successful, competitive rowing team!


Parents are expected to:

  • Provide support for your children by taking an active role in the Rockford High School Crew Boosters volunteer program
  • Remember that the coaches have full responsibility for training the participants
  • Respect the coaches as the final authority on boat selection and rowing matters
  • Remember that coaches seek only to create the fastest lineups possible.  While decisions can at times be somewhat subjective, they are not personal
  • Participate in fundraising activities
  • Volunteer for service activities
  • Enjoy your child’s growth and development through their commitment, dedication, and teamwork!


Coaches are expected to:

  • Provide clear communications from the beginning on all steps necessary to make RHS Crew a successful program
  • Direct feedback to the athletes so they know their areas of strength and weakness, and methods to improve them
  • Make fair assessments to achieve the fastest lineups & communicate the assessments openly
  • Involve all participants in regatta competition to the maximum extent possible
  • Share with the participants the many successes of this team!
  • Limit the team size as necessary:  Though there will not be cuts for the crew team, we will not be able to guarantee that every rower will have equal practice time and/or race time.  Our limiting factors are the size of the boat house, fleet and number of coaches.  Safety is the number one concern and staff is only able to accommodate 92 rowers and coxswains on the water at a time.  The team is privileged to have a fleet of ten “8’s” and eight “4’s” that will be emphasized for spring racing season and the coaches want no more than two shells per coach’s launch.

Therefore, if the number of rowers/coxswains exceeds 92, then the evaluations will have the extra effect of determining which student athletes will be rowing every day.  Also due to the team size and competitiveness of the team, not every rower will be guaranteed to race at every regatta.  A further note, only selected crews will be going to Midwest and, upon invitation, to the National regatta.

The coaches plan to honor each athlete’s commitment to the team by attempting to give every rower a opportunity to row in at least one regatta.  


Crew Evaluation and standards

  • All Athletes Meet General Fitness recommendations:
  1. 1.5 mile run in 13.30 for boys or 1.5 mile run in 14.30 for girls
  2. 3 pull-ups or 20 second bent arm hang
  3. 40 bent knee sit-ups in 2 minutes
  4. Ability to work in UNISON with crewmates
  5. Possess a positive attitude toward coaches and fellow athletes
  6. Exhibit knowledge of Rowing fundamentals
  7. Perform Boathouse duties
  8. 1st and 2nd offense-write up
  9. 3rd offense no-race weekend
  10. 4th offense-asked to leave
  11. Attendance- must not miss more than 6 practices in a season (note required two days before absence)
  12. Skipping practice
  13. 1st and 2nd offense- no race that weekend.  Call/email parents.
  14. 3rd offense-asked to leave

Rowers:  Must meet minimum Erg standard

Coxswains:  Maintain straight course (minimum steering)

Understand and implement basic race strategy

Able to motivate Crew

Participate in workouts