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About Rockford Rowing

Rowing is one of the oldest and most physically challenging sports still in existence today. Like swimming, rowing uses every major muscle group in the body: legs, abdomen, chest, back, and arms. Athletes race in shells; 1x, 2+/x, 4+/x, or 8+, with either one (sweep) or two (scull) oars. Rowing races are divided into categories of style of rowing, and number of oars, beyond that, male or female, then Novice, JV or Varsity. In the fall, the athletes race for distance, typically between 4000m and 6000m, come spring, athletes race sprints, 1500-2000m. 

Rockford Rowing has a rich history of championships, both at the state and international level, as well as having our athletes row collegiately, with national teams, and the olympics. Rowing is generally a sport picked up in middle school or high school, and requires no experience. 

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