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Seniors '23

Best of luck to our graduating seniors, we cannot wait to see where your future takes you! 

Adam Behm

Ferris State University - Pre-Pharmacy

I think that rowing teaches discipline incredibly well and it really shows you how something can feel challenging but you can always keep going past what you think you're capable of. I think the team in general has made a very friendly safe environment with tons of people I consider my very close friends and make rowing together fun even after putting our body's through all we do.


Wren Bennie

University of Michigan - Political Science 

Rowing has taught me how to push myself harder than I ever have before both mentally and physically


Sidney Cramer

University of Michigan - College of LSA

Rowing has given me the opportunity to work hard and build character. It has been challenging but extremely rewarding. I have met so many amazing people and was given the opportunity to make invaluable bonds with my teammates.


Nick Fan

United States Army

Rowing has taught me many lessons never ever quitting no matter how painful it is, giving it your absolute all every time, reaching my 100% and learning to go beyond that. Rowing has given me that competitive fire to do things with a purpose. I have also learned the terrible taste of defeat and having to just pick yourself up and work harder to get back to the top because you can get knocked down but always get back up.


Katherine Scott

Ohio State University - Psychology, Pre-Med

Being on this team gave me a very supportive social circle all throughout high school, and rowing taught me mental toughness along with the ability to not take some things so seriously that I can’t have fun when competing.


Kellen Shellenbarger


Lucas Orlebeke

University of Michigan - Engineering

Rowing helped me mature and become a better person than I think I would’ve been otherwise.

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