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Regatta FAQ

Rowing is a sport like no other, please read below, and find some of the most commonly asked questions by athletes, parents, spectators and community members. 

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer. 


Tips for Regattas

What should athletes pack?

  • Uni or Novice Tank

  • Varsity Team Visor 

  • Varsity Team Boathouse Jacket

  • Black Long Spandex Pants 

  • Black Long Sleeve "under armor" 

  • Rockford Rowing T-shirts

  • Black spandex shorts or other snug fitting shorts or tights 

    • Absolutely NO soccer or other loose styles may be worn

  • Slip on shoes, tennis shoes or rainboots  

  • Extra socks 

  • Rain Coat

  • Water Bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Toiletries

  • Something for downtime (homework) 

  • Food if there are dietary restrictions

What should spectators pack?

  • Lawn Chair

  • Warm Clothes 

  • Snacks

  • Binoculars 

  • Rain Boots 

  • Hat/Sunglasses

  • Rockford Rowing Gear

  • A wagon

  • Camera

  • Phone Charger


Rowing equipment is very expensive and must be handled with care.  Boats and oars are very long – be cautious of your surroundings when moving around them. The boats and athletes do have the right of way. Try to stay off the sidewalks when standing, away from the trailers and docks.


"Heads Up" = Duck


For all spring races, we will have transportation to  the regatta provided by the school, it is important to be punctual for those busses, as the team is required to  travel there together.  If we miss the bus, the races that athlete is apart of, will be scratched, and will not race.  

Athletes will be onsite for the race between an hour and a half and two hours before the first race, they will rig the the equipment before any boats hit the water. 

After the racing has concluded for the day, the athletes will de-rig the equipment and load the trailer, athletes will not be dismissed for the day until the trailer is fully loaded.

Athletes are allowed to travel home with their guardians, if their guardian is not at the race, the bus will bring them back to the High School. Athlete and Guardian both must check out with a coach if driving home separately from the team.  


At every race, we will have a food tent, with food provided by the team, unless previously noted. 

The food tent is primarily for the athletes, and generally serves Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks. If we are racing two days in a row, the team will provide dinner for the athletes as well. 

Parents are welcome to eat if there are extras, but please plan to bring some of your own food. 

The food tent does its best to accommodate dietary restrictions, but please plan accordingly for your athlete. 

If you have any concerns, please get with the coaches or the board. 

Athlete Only Areas

We love support and spectators, but parents and guardians need to stay away from the trailer and equipment, you can think of that space as our locker room at a race. Please allow the coaches and athletes to do what they are there to do first and foremost. 


Parents also need to avoid the dock areas, as those are typically only for coaches,  athletes, and regatta officials. 


Your athletes are welcome to come see you at the food tent/cheering section. 

Parent Volunteering

Board Member

Our parent board is essential to ensuring that the team runs flawlessly. Positions ranging from President to Member at Large

Fundraising Coordinator

We cannot function without fundraising, the fundraising coordinator works in partnership with the coaches and the board to raise the money needed for boathouse improvements and equipment needs.

Food Tents

At the races, it is crucial that our athletes are fed properly. Parents can volunteer to assist with running the food tent, or pick a regatta and run it yourself that weekend.

Boat Trailer

We cannot race without equipment, the trailer is approximately 60 feet long and can weight up to 15,000 lbs. If you are able to haul to any races, please coordinate with the board

Senior Coordinator

A senior parent who coordinates the senior photos, senior gifts, and senior banners

Food Trailer

Hauling of the food trailer to the races, approximately 20 feet in length. Needs to be onsite before the kids, and ready to be setup while the kids are rigging the trailer.

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