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Our Seasons


The main competitive season, athletes race in sprint style races. Spring holds our scholastic championship season, including states, midwest and nationals.

Spring - Varsity


Smaller rowing camps, focused on technique and small boats. This season is a continuation of the spring season, competing in club races. 

Summer - Club


Focus is primarily on distance in larger boats. This season works on endurance and technique.

Fall - Club


The conditioning season works with cross training, endurance and sprints. Workouts completed on land, and cumulated with indoor machine races. 

Winter - Conditoning


Summer Rowing

Summer Rowing has three camps; competitive, developmental and learn to row. These camps are open to any athlete within West Michigan. 

Schedules, costs and races will be posted May 20th

Developmental Summer Rowing

Our summer development rowing program is a great opportunity for returning rowers to gain experience in the sport of rowing. This camp will focus on growing athletes’ knowledge of the sport, developing better rowing technique, and gaining speed and efficiency on the water. While the focus will mainly be on sweeping, some sculling work will also be an option. Coxswains will get more experience in boats and work to improve their steering and making calls on the water during practice. This session is available to experienced rowers going into grades 9-12. Sunscreen and water bottles are recommended for practices and a summer rowing t-shirt will be provided. 

Competitive Summer Rowing

The Competitive Summer Rowing Camp is a high-level camp for experienced rowers looking to row with other motivated high-level athletes and compete over the summer. Athletes will expand their knowledge of the sport, greatly improve their fitness, and develop race experience by competing in regattas. This camp is open to experienced rowers going into grades 10-12 as well as graduating seniors. Rowers should meet the time standards (7:10 boys / 8:00 girls) OR have a coach’s recommendation. Open to any athlete in the grand rapids area. 

Learn to Row Summer Rowing

Our summer Learn to Row program allows young athletes to be able to develop and expand on key rowing technique as well as learn how to handle the equipment and become comfortable being on the water. Rowers will work with our coaching staff to learn the stroke of rowing on the rowing machines, the dock, then transitioning onto the water. This is a great way to introduce rowing to those who are interested in the sport for the long run, as well as those looking to just try out something new! Rockford Rowing is a great way to meet people and feel a sense of community. Our goal is to provide all rowers with a safe and positive experience while rowing.

The Learn to Row program is available to all middle school and first year high school rowers. A water bottle is recommended for practices.  Equipment and t-shirts are provided.


Fall Club Rowing

Fall rowing runs from the end of August to the beginning of November. This is the club season of rowing, open to 9th-12th grade Rockford Students

Signup and costs will be posted August 1st


Fall Rowing is the distance season, we race 4500-6000m. Our practices focus on endurance and cardio.

Rowing: M-F 5:00-8:00PM

Weights: T/Th 3:30-4:30PM

Yoga: W 3:30-4:30PM


September 23rd: OLSM 

September 30th: EGR Duel 

October 14th: Kensington

October 28th: Intrateam Scrimmage

November 4th: Head of the Hooch


All Rockford Students 9th-12th grade are eligible to row,  no experience necessary, no tryouts. Fall is built around learning and gaining meters.


Winter Conditioning

Winter Conditioning runs from January to beginning of the spring season. Winter training focuses on cross training, building our aerobic and anaerobic capacity. We work on indoor rowing machines, with workouts designed to prepare us for the championship spring season. 


This season we will be putting a large emphasis on cross training, which has been proven time and time again to reduce injuries, break up the monotony of work outs, engage different muscles and improve lung capacity.

Rowing: M/T/Th/F - 5:30-6:30pm

Weights: T/Th - 4:00-5:00pm

Swim: W - 6:00-7:00am

Yoga: W - 3:00-4:00pm

Cross Training


We will have a focus on quads, lats and abs, for quick powerful movements that we can sustain and control. We will be working with Nate Sanders to create a 9 week training program that we can carry into our spring season.


First and foremost, this will help with our flexibility and ability to row the way we need to. Secondly, for injury prevention, yoga will help relax and loosen our muscles. The majority of injuries are going to come from not properly warming up and stretching, as well as only working specific sets of muscles. Lastly, yoga practices mindfulness, and will help us control our heart rate and breath, allowing us to stay calm when under stress and pressure.


Swimming is a no-impact sport that will engage our “pull muscles” in our upper body, give us cardio with a much lower chance of injury, as well as expand our lung capacity.


Running will help work out the lower body in different ways, with endurance and strength. We will also improve our cardiovascular system, and work on stretching our aerobic capacity, allowing us to control our breath and heart rate.


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