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Hey Alumni, we are pleased to annouce alumni boats at the Intrateam Scrimmage, come on out and show some high schoolers up! 


8:00am C/C Meeting

9:00am Doubles

9:20 Fours 

9:40 Singles

10:00 Quads - HS only 

10:20 Eights 

10:40 Awards


Hosting October 28th, entry fees go towards the boat fundrasier! Please make sure you have a whole lineup before selecting a boat, we will provide the boat and oars, dress up in your best Rockford Rowing Gear! 


Lineups can be mixed, and there are a limited number of alumni entries, due to a limited number of boats, race as many times as you'd like, aproximately 2000m! 



PriceFrom $35.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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