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Spring  Rowing

Spring Rowing is the sprint season, athletes race on a 1500-2000m straight course head to head with other boats. These races typically last 6-8 minutes, and can be won and lost by mili-seconds. Spring Rowing is the competitive season, holding the championship races; states, midwest and nationals. 


The novice season is for any first season rowers. Athletes are able to join anytime in high school, and will all start at the same point, in their novice season. The novice year is built to teach the foundations of rowing, get the athletes interested in the sport, and form the baseline for our future JV and Varsity teams. 


Junior Varsity

Rowing JV is open for all athletes outside of the senior class. When the athletes reach JV, the focus is more into the intricacies of the sport, and building the foundation of fitness. These athletes start working on smaller boats, and getting more comfortable with pushing the boundries of their athletic capacity. 



The varsity rowers are learning the physics of rowing, delving deeply into the technique, working daily to improve their athletic capacity. They are focused on the championship season, leading the younger members of the team, and assisting to build the foundation for the future of the team. 


We focus on three main trainings; rowing, weights, yoga. 

These will teach us the technique and power application, strength and endurance, as well as breath, intention and how to be mindful


Learning and applying the technique of rowing, how to efficiently and effectively move the boat. Learning how to use physics and our body weight to propel the boat in conjunction with our strength. 

M-F 5:00-8:00PM

Mandatory for all athletes. 


Workouts designed to engage our quads, lats, and abs. Working to produce quick repetitive movements, that we can sustain and control. Learning workout techniques, for injury prevention, and strength building.


T/Th 3:30-4:30PM

Tuesday mandatory for varsity, encouraged for novices.  

Thursday encouraged


Working on our flexibility, for injury prevention, helping to relax and loosen our muscles. Yoga practices mindfulness, and will help us control our heart rate and breath, allowing us to stay calm when under stress and pressure. 

W 3:30-4:30PM

Mandatory for varsity, encouraged for novices. 


March 6th - Athlete Callout Meeting 

March 11th - Dock In / Boathouse Cleanup 

March 13th-14th - Varsity Mens Tryouts 

March 15th-16th - Varsity Womens Tryouts 

March 20th - Parent Meeting 

March 25th - Spring Sprints 

April 12th - Parent Meeting 

April 15th - EGR Scrimmage 

April 22nd - Kensington

April 29th - Grand Rapids Invitational 

May 6th - Laddie Cup

May 10th - Parent Meeting 

May 13th - Midwest Championships 

May 20th - State Championships 

May 21st - CROM

May 27th - National Championships *

June 2nd - CSSRA*

June 7th - Banquet

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