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The following expectations for our athletes, captains, coxswains and coaches. 

Team Members:


  • Give all you have, for that day

  • Be focused 

  • Lead by example

  • Any boat, any seat, any time 

  • Respect to teammates, coaches, parents

  • Following the athlete code of conduct 


  • Keep up to date on Sports You

  • Three before me: 

    • Check with three of the following before coming to coaches: the captains, coxswains, upperclassmen, sports you 


  • With your team, ready to move at the start time, meaning, onsite 5-10 mins early 

  • If you cannot make a practice, outside of emergency, I need to know by Friday at 5pm the week prior

  • Three unexcused absences before it affects your boat placement 

    • Excused absences: 

      • Family Emergency: Parent Email  

      • Medical Emergency/Sick: With doctors note 

      • School Related: With note from teacher 

  • No Show/Late:     

    • No Show: Your boat is rowing without you at practice,   

    • Late without notice: The boat will row without you, and you will erg.   

  • Attendance should be logged for each practice in sports you 

  • Any races we are not attending, must be entered at the beginning of the season - Sports You calendar 


  • Bring any equipment damages to coaches immediately 

  • Take care of your equipment 

  • Wipe down boats after every practice 

  • Check riggers before practice 

  • Clean out the guts on race day

  • Keep the boathouse clean 

  • Coaches are not your parents clean up after yourself


Team Involvement

  • Implement team activities outside of practice 

  • Team Dinners 

  • Fun Days 

Race Days

  • Lead Trailer Loading 

  • Ensure all equipment is packed based off lineups Oars, boats, all riggers, extra parts

  • Keep team members active at races

    • Shore: watching races 

    • Rigging/de-rigging 

    • Oar-Bunnies “oar sheet”

      • Figure out who is available for each race, and assign them to specific boats to either bring down oars, or recover oars Can be done pre-race, can be uploaded to Sports



  • Coach within the boat 

  • Know your practice plans/have it with you at practice 

  • Ask questions 

  • Lead the 30 minutes before I get there for practice 

  • Take Care of your cox-box 

  • Come prepared to practice

  • Bag of what you could need in the boat, ask me if you’d like a list

Trailer Loading

  • Check every boat on trailer loading 

    • Bungies 

    • Seats

    • Riggers 

    • Nuts and bolts 

    • Tape Coxswain Seat 

    • Flag 



  • Practice plans for the week out every Sunday focused on the Weekly Goal 

    • Chalk-Talks Weekly 

    • Explain drills for the week

    • Explain focus for the week 

  • Provide specific feedback to athletes, on and off the water

  • Be vocal with feedback 

  • Pause to explain when needed 

  • Help prepare you, not only to row fast, but for life outside of high-school

    • Responsibly

    • Future plans 

    • Communication

  • Open and Honest communication

    • Encouragement 

    • Realistic

  • Keep the team focused 

  • Push the team to be the best they can be


  • Lineups for races out the Wednesday before the race 

  • Equipment needed included for captains Prioritize lineups based on more than speed 

  • Present pre and post race 

  • Available for de-briefs 

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