Congratulations to the 2018 Seniors and all the rowers for a Wonderful Season.....Happy Summer everyone......Don't forget about Summer rowing camps, Middle school and adult rowing, check out the Community Ed Brochure for more details.....

Learn 2 Row!


SEPTEMBER 15th 10-2pm

Have you ever wondered what being on a crew team was like? Have you thought about what being in a crew boat and gliding down the river as one fluid team feels like? 

We are opening our doors to the community on Sept. 15th from 10am to 2pm to give you the chance to see what this incredible sport has to offer. Rockford Rowing is hosting an open house for anyone 12 and older to tour the boat house, learn the stroke from current rowers and then get in one of our beautiful boats and row down the grand river. 

For more than 20 years, Rockford Rowing has offered summer and fall rowing programs for people of all ages and skill-levels. Some do it as an activity, some for fitness, and others for the sport. We welcome all members of the community.

No experience necessary! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to your open house?
Spandex or bike shorts are great, but any garment that is not too loose or baggy (you sit on a sliding seat, baggy shorts can get caught in the wheels or track). Tee shirts are fine. Layers are best. For your feet: sliders/crocks you slip off and on work best.

Should I bring water?
We will have plenty to drink – and plenty to row on. We’ll have some goodies to eat as well. We do recommend you bring a water bottle.

How much time will we be out on the river?
About 20–25 minutes. And we need about 75 minutes of your time for the land-based learning – touring the boat house, learning about the club, teaching you the stroke on rowing ergometers (rowing machines).

Could there be a weather cancellation?
Rowers row rain or shine. The only thing that would keep us off the water is lightening.

I’m a high schooler in Rockford. If I like it, can I join the Rowing Team?
Yes! Now is a great time to join! There are fall regattas to introduce you to racing and in the spring we begin our regular season. We compete in places such as our own Grand River, Orchard Lake, MI, and Ohio. In 2018, we were girls state champions and also overall state champions for boys/girls combined.

Does it matter what time I arrive?
Anytime between 10AM and 2PM works for us!

I am into other sports/I’ve never done any sports; is rowing right for me?
Absolutely. You will get a full-body aerobic workout without pounding your joints. Rowing will help tone your muscles and strengthen your core.

I have some physical issues with my back, shoulder, etc, is rowing OK for me?
Maybe, maybe not. Part of rowing is that each rower in a boat helps carry the shell down to the water and back up the hill at the end of practice. Everyone must do their part. If you are concerned, check with a coach or your doctor.

Can I bring a friend?
Great idea! No worries if you come alone. Lifelong friendships are formed on the river.

I rowed in high school/college, is the open house worthwhile for me?
Yes, because you will want to see our equipment and learn about our programs. We have had over 30 Rockford Rowing alumni go on to row at the collegiate level.
I have no rowing experience, but plan to come to your open house. If I like it, what happens next?

You can sign up for our Learn to Row (LTR) classes through Rockford Community Education in one of our Adult, Middle School, or High School classes.

I can’t swim, should I row?
In short, no. It is quite rare that rowers end up in the water, but it is a skill you will want to have when you go out on the water.

Jupiter Boathouse Location

The Jupiter Boathouse is southwest of the intersection of West River Drive and Jupiter.

Access is just west of Jupiter off of West River Drive and does not show on the map.